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Koeviikko alkaa huomenna ja sit on lukion eka vuosi suoritettu! Seuraavat  päivät ei vaan jaksa innostaa... Onneks tänään oli kuitenki vähä lyhyempi päivä kolussa ni ehdin vielä kertaamaan. Illalla onkin sit Emilian teatterinäytös.

takkuinen Bella

 No joo, oli ihan asiaakin, nimittäin tiedän nyt koulun johon menen Geraldtonissa. (http://www.geraldtongrammarschool.com.au/)

Girls - Summer                         
Blue dress or Blue cullottes
White banded overblouse with school crest                          
School socks
Black shoes/navy sandals
Navy hat
Girls - Winter                                                       
Tartan skirt/cullottes
White overblouse with school crest
School tie
Teal sweater
Navy tights or school socks
Black shoes
Blazer (compulsory in years 7 – 12)
Navy hat
Navy school scarf
Excursion Uniform Summer:                                        
Girls – Skirt or cullottes and white blouse,
           black shoes/white school socks.
Boys – Shorts, white shirt with arch,
            black shoes/navy socks (short).
The school uniform should be worn correctly at all times. This means that students may not mix and match items of sport uniform and the regular uniform. Full school uniform is always to be worn to and from school, even if travelling by car or bus.
  1. Students should show pride in their uniform and dress as a mark of self respect.
  2. We particularly ask the students to remember that the community judges the whole school by how individuals from the school behave, therefore they should take care to dress and act appropriately.
  3. It is the responsibility of each student to clearly mark each article of clothing and all other possessions.
  4. Jewellery is to be limited to a watch and one pair of matching plain small stud earrings. Earrings to be worn in ear lobes only. No other jewellery is to be visible.
  5. Hair, if long, is to be restrained by elastic bands or by hair ribbons, hair clips or scrunchies in the school colours of white, blue or teal only. Hair bands are to be royal or navy blue. The general effect should be one of neatness and cleanliness. Hair must be tied back off the face and collar. The school reserves the right to determine acceptability or otherwise of students’ hairstyles. No extremes in cut or colour.
  6. Male students are to be clean shaven.
  7. No make up or nail polish is to be worn with the school uniform.
  8. Hemlines on girls’ summer dresses and winter skirts should be at a respectable length, on or near the knee.
  9. A hat must be worn at all times in the sun

 Hahhah :D Eli  aikas tiukalta vaikuttaa. Saan kuitenkin luultavasti olla ainut vaihtari koulussa mikä on kiva!!

So long, mäkin meen ulos lukee tota fysiikkaa